Sunday, 18 December 2011

Owl Art - Simply Bleutiful (Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Art)

Here's the fifth artwork in my latest "Catching A Fleeting Moment" collection, Simply Bleutiful.

If you could use a color to describe your current stage of life, what color would you choose?  I chose the color blue.

Blue: caring, devotion, trust, wisdom, peacefulness, serenity, loyalty, truth, coolness, harmony.

At this current stage, my life's pace is unhurried. There are minimal conflicts between my inner world and outer world, I do not feel the need to compartmentalize my life into personal or work, there's really not much distinction between the two. I treasure my personal moments, I go on mind trips with my books, walk the dogs, take silly photos, be a taster for my husband's culinary exploits, experiment with my art and keep a daily journal so that I can remember to be grateful. Most importantly and also the best part of it all is I get to choose where to spend my time, what to spend it on and who I want to spend it with because time is a resource that's irretrievable.

I chose a french blue for the background and the owl.  The owl was then painted on a blue with white florals vintage fabric which I applied some diluted white paint to give it a softer look. I constructed this tranquil garden scene using hand-dyed laces, blue yarn, antique watch faces, wooden butterflies, indigo blue rhinestone gems and custom made blue-beige fabric flowers with pearls with lace. The owl was embellished with white pearls around the eyes, milky white rhinestone gems on the wings and a simple silver hair bow :D

This artwork measures about 8 x 10 inches unframed and 11.6 by 13 inches when framed.

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