Monday, 12 December 2011


Finally the day has come for this new blog to be unveiled! In the days to come, I will be putting up the main thing that has consumed my hands, mind and heart fully for the past 6 months of this year.  "Catching A Fleeting Moment" is a new collection of 12 mixed media assemblage collage art on canvas pieces with a touch of vintage nostalgic charm. Each piece was given birth when I entertained certain out of the blue thoughts which were at times meaningful and at times amusing (to me). I meant to compose the artworks (in this case my fleeting thoughts) in a decorative style, just like how someone would decorate his/her house. Hence the artworks contain bits of whimsical and fanciful 3-D elements, some antique, some vintage and others vintage-inspired. To do this, I went to many and great lengths to lay hold of these elements and incorporate them in the artworks. Even though I am usually fond of painting big eyed owls with heavy lids, the owls painted in this collection have their eyes closed, as if they are savouring every fleeting moment, exploring deeper into that moment itself.  There's such sweet joy in musing over them. I wish there's a special camera that can snap shots of our fleeting momentary thoughts so that we can keep them in an album and reminisce later. Until the day such a camera is in the market, my method would be to embellish these thoughts, give them life on canvases and in so doing, they have been cherished and have become imperishable.

Till my next posting, here's a recent pic of me and my owl companions :D

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