Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Owl Art - Child Of The Eternal Garden (Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Art)

Here's the sixth artwork of my "Catching A Fleeting Moment" collection, Child Of The Eternal Garden.

This piece is one that reveals my thoughts about the ageing process, such a delicate topic. To begin with, I'm someone who is concerned about ageing. Even though I do my fair bit to engage in some daily age-defying acts and routines, deep down I know and we know that it does not halt the ageing process, it just simply slows it down and the eventual state is still a certainty. So then, the question is how to age gracefully? Investment on the inward part should pay off in the long term. Weariness of the heart can add years to a person's face, hence cultivating (I use the word cultivating because it's hard work, just like farming) a positive and vibrant thought life perpetuates the mind's rejuvenating process, I suppose it invites the child of wide-eyed wonder and drives out the adult who has resigned to fate.

In say about 30 years from now when I reach 65, I hope I will look just like this artwork :D Obviously with rust and age but with charm nevertheless. Almost everything is this garden is old BUT it's weed-free with blooming flowers and glimpses of jewel-ly sparkles.

 I had in mind to construct an antique European garden. This is an elegant French garden fabric, I tea-dyed it to make it look older than it originally looked. Painted the owl on the fabric and embellished her eyes with lilac pearls and her wings with light green rhinestone gems. You will see broken bisque porcelain artifacts such as the doll head and two dogs, they were dug out from a factory in Germany's doll-making region in the late 1800s-early 1900s.  I added some intricately-designed metal buttons from the Victorian era and vintage watch faces all around the border.

 I particularly love the antique-flavored verdigris patina stampings, that's why many of them are here. Someone from Latvia custom made these pretty fabric florals for me, getting the right florals was the most time consuming part of this piece but they were worth the wait :D

This artwork measures about 10 by 10 inches and 12 x 12 inches when framed.

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