Thursday, 15 December 2011

Owl Art - Beethoven's Moonlight (Original Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Art)

Here's the first artwork of my "Catching A Fleeting Moment" collection, Beethoven's Moonlight. They will be available for purchase at my etsy shop once I finish posting all 12 artworks here.

It was one of those afternoons when you just want to listen to classical pieces and I chose Moonlight Sonata. After a while, I found myself drawn into its' beautiful haunting tunes and I ended up playing it all over and over and over again. I was stirred from within and this artwork was my response to the stirrings in my heart. Without any delay, I went online and hunted for a vintage piece of its' music score. It was a successful find, I was thrilled!

I then proceeded to sketch and brainstorm the elements and objects which I felt were in sync with the music's mysterious, enchanting and melancholic qualities.

First, I painted an owl on the music score and added white pearl cabochons around the eyes and sparkling dark indigo blue rhinestone gems (they really sparkle in person, especially when light falls on them :D) on the feathers.  Then I went on to embellish the border with an antique china doll head reclaimed from the site of one of Germany's famous Thuringia region doll factories, doll head was likely to be manufactured in the early 1900s. The other players include a vintage watch face, black lace, appliques, vintage buttons, shabby chic black and white floral fabrics and a custom made singed organza chiffon flower. (All elements were glued securely using trusty glue with industrial strength)

The artwork measures 12 x 10 inches unframed. When framed, it measures about 13 by 15 inches.

Stay tuned for more! :D

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