Thursday, 22 December 2011

Owl Art - Dolly Affair (Original Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Art)

Here's the 8th piece of my "Catching A Fleeting Moment" collection, Dolly Affair.

Of late, I'm drawn to old vintage photographs of little girls and their dolls, such is the attraction to them that I now have a collection of such photos which I purchased on the internet. Perhaps, it's because I feel all warm and fuzzy at the sight of these girls beaming with smiles with their dolls. It was only much later that I figured it was possible that at a deeper level, I wanted to be a memory keeper of their once upon a time treasured relationships with their dolls, such moments were deemed too precious to be forgotten. Most of these little girls had doll buggies and prams, they would take their dolls out for a walk, acting like little mummies. This photo below is my favorite, she looked like she was going to to bring baby along with her to the market.

I chose a sweet girly wallpaper-look fabric, tea-dyed it to give it a warm nostalgic feel. Painted the owl all cuddled up, obviously she's feeling warm and fuzzy surrounded by her favorite dolls :D The owl's eyes are embellished with white pearls and her feathers with rose-pink rhinestone gems.

It was not easy to find miniature dolls with stuffings so these 10 dolls of vintage inspired design were custom made from fray treated fabric and were stuffed with polyfil polyester. Each measures about 2 inches tall. I added antique gold ribbon bow stampings, pearly hearts (they remind of me little girls' toy jewelry) and pastel resin flowers.

This artwork measures about 8 x 10 inches and 10 x 12 inches when framed.

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