Saturday, 17 December 2011

Owl Art - SeaCret (Original Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Art)

Here's the third and also the smallest artwork in terms of size in my new collection of "Catching A Fleeting Moment" , SeaCret.

Inspired by the age old charm of the seas and oceans of the world, its' vastness,deepness, secrets and mysteries in them that have captivated the imagination of humankind. I feel that it's hard for one to be unmoved when one comes face to face with the sea. It evokes feelings of awe and wonder, at times, it even feels that it's issuing a "come-on" to put aside your present baggages, to step out from where you are and embrace a new world of unknowns. The sea is like a wise old traveller, he has seen it and been there, there's nothing that can daunt him easily, nothing that can quench his thirst for adventure. He simply moves on, ever learning, ever adapting.

 I distressed the vintage love song music sheet to give it an old world look. Then I painted a serene aqua bluish green owl and embellished aqua pearls around her eyes and matching rhinestone gems on her. She's surrounded by strings of pearls,mother of pearl buttons, elegant laces, chiffon fabric roses and sweet seahorses.

The artwork measures 6 x 8 inches unframed. When framed, it measures about 8 by 10 inches.

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