Sunday, 12 February 2012

Have A Googly Valentine's Day!

I'm so delighted and pleased with my Valentine's Day gifts for this year!  A 3.5x 3.5 inches "Kewpieful" Kodak snapshot from the 1970s and an early 1900s postcard of a dolly with glass-like eyes from Germany :D

In the foreground of this photo is Cameo Kewpie doll with a sweet pleated dress and mary janes. She must be really tall, my guess is she must had been at least 20 inches tall or so. She was part of a Valentine's Day party decoration (scribblings behind the photo said so :D) together with several other Kewpie dolls on the altar-like shelf. They all have the googly side glancing eyes. Such a sweet Valentine's Day theme, lots of pinks, reds, hearts and I love how the antique looking ornate altar and mirror seemed to compliment the entire decorations. Besides being attracted to the Kewpie gathering, I'm taken by the wholesome-ness of this Valentine's Day party, all I can say is I would love to had been invited to this party.

This Valentine-themed postcard must be close to 100 years of age! I think this postcard company must had lots of fun manufacturing postcards like this one. Firstly, her eyes are made of a type of plastic which gives the eyes an expressive glass-like look. Secondly, a ribbon was glued at the back of the card so that one can hang it for all to see. Lastly, another ribbon was glued and pierced through to the front of the postcard (where the doll's hand is) and out comes the ribbon with a heart that says "Token Of Love". Everything about this postcard screams cuuuute, from her little fruitpunch cocktail parasol, her shiny golden curls to her watermelon-like smile and yes, absolutely made my day!

May you enjoy the sweet tokens of love this Feb 14th!

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