Saturday, 7 January 2012

What's On My Mind These Days

An owl also a historian apprentice and soon to be time traveller prepares herself for a trip to France in the 19th century. She listed some French people and landmarks whom she would like to encounter during this trip.

1) Victor Hugo during his exile stay in Guernsey where he wrote the novel Toilers Of The Sea, using Guernsey and the Channel Islands as his setting....a visit to his Hauteville house is a must :D

2) Monet's garden in Giverny, the garden is a masterpiece by itself! Stroll in his garden and observe Monet as he goes about his role as a fervent gardener, catch on his passion for art, for beauty and also to pick up a few gardening tips.

3) Emile Jumeau and his famous BeBe Jumeau Dolls, visit his doll factory and be wowed by the exquisite process of making these dolls.

4) Les Puces De Saint Quen, Paris antique flea market! A wealth of history and treasures to be uncovered in this place!

5) Eugene Atget as he explores and documents Paris's historic streets and squares with his camera. His works have the ability to move the viewer, feels like watching a drama or reading a poem.

 She hopes to complete recording her findings and impressions of these visits on canvases by the close of 2012 :D

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